• Kru Mee ครูลูกหมี

    Her passion for yoga began many years ago and she is teaching full-time at Sol Yoga. With serene yet attentive teaching style, she is to help anyone get comfortable with yoga at all levels.
  • Kru Meow ครูเหมียว

    Kru Meow loves working out and began yoga 10 years ago merely as a form of exercise, however, after years of dedicated practice, she now realizes that yoga offers much more. Following the completion of her yoga teacher training course at Yoga Kita in Bangkok in 2008, she has spent the last 6 years imparting her yoga wisdom to many eager students.
  • Kru Ple ครูเปิ้ล

    In August 2008, Kru Ple took up Yoga to de-stress from a high pressure job and slowly incorporated it into my daily life. Nov 2011 Completion of Teacher Training of Sivananda Yoga in Thailand Jul 2014 Completion of Teacher Training of Vinyasa Hatha style from Yoga Space Bangkok I would like to share my Yoga experiences with my students so they can gain all the extraordinary benefits of this practice in body, mind, and spirit, achieved through balanced classes of strength and gentleness.